Radon Rally


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  1. Kenjamin1 MI
    Name: Radon Rally

    Author: Kenjamin1 MI

    Theme: Sky Rally Balloon Festival *sponsored by ©RADON.

    Description: This is a SEVEN Checkpoint, Sky track built for the Rally Warthog or Temple Ghost. - the other vehicles may not make it around a lap..?

    It is a “Bouncy-Coaster” style map (…I just made that up).

    Gametype: 343’s Alpine Rally (race) or Jungle Rush (race) – or my ‘Rally Hog RACE’ linked in gallery post.

    In my twisted imagination... I was trying to decide what RADON was?, and why they get the only colored Warthog paintjob?, and why is it the fastest Hog??

    My imaginary research finds... RADON (a deadly gas) is a company, the distributor of mass volumes of Industrial Gases. They happen to provide the UNSC and ONI with Helium, now used in all Halo 5 Ground Vehicles Tires! (...explains the crazy bouncing). They have an annual Warthog Race, and to flaunt their conspicuous ill-gotten fortune, the entire course is sent into the sky using helium balloons.

    How FAST can YOU Bounce a Warthog???


    Up to 16 Drivers - You may also try using the Temple Ghost on this map, ...turns out it is way Fun! You could even fly it with the wasp or banshee, but it was built for the RADON Rally Hog!

    When driving, full speed seems best, ...COOL! ay? The track has four sections that include four bounce platforms and a slightly larger fifth landing platform. (use that to adjust speed and heading for next four-bounce section). Sections 2 and 4 are just a blast at full-throttle. Section 1 and 3 WILL EAT YOU!!! ...at least until you get your comfortable driving line. Drive FAST!!! Have Fun!!!

    *(This map does not use Gravity Modifiers or Zones. All the Bouncing is from those Awesome! Helium-filled Tires [Tyres]).

    Please try this map with friends, it was a most-enjoyable forge experience for me. Thanks ForgeHUB! This February 2018 Contest is turning out some incredible maps for driving. I'm loving it!

    Kenjamin1 MI - JAMN

    ** if you are knowledgeable in halo-lore, and know what RADON really is... Comment Below.


  1. CaptainDireWolf

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    Those balloons are top notch. Nice work man!
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  2. Kenjamin1 MI

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    Thanks! I initially had some scripted movement on a few, but it was so glithcy I removed it all.
    I wanted both my contest entries to fit the "Is It Fun!" category.
  3. agony ZENITH

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    This is so cool! Gotta try this one out ;)
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  4. FRED lllll

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    The idea of jumping between the platforms is something I could not see other maps focusing on as heavily as you do. It looks fantastic and unique!
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  5. Kenjamin1 MI

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    Three Laps without falling makes you a Warthog Bounce Ninja.

    Git Gud!
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