RaceTrack: Evolved


Map Description

  1. Squidzrule

    • This is the first map in my RaceTrack series of platformers.
    • This map is a platformer with three checkpoints and 8 different levels that get progressively harder, starting from very easy to quite difficult. It also features two "secret" levels which act as replacement levels!

    • The map was built with a "race" in mind where two teams of red and blue compete in finishing this parkour map. Whatever team scores the 10 points in the hill at the end first wins. However, this method of playing the map isn't essential to the experience and can still be played as a normal jumping map with everyone being on the same team or played alone etc.

    • Located on the map are four hidden Red Cans which may or may not unlock something after they've all been shot. The map also features multiple small easter eggs too, can you find them all?


    • A standard team slayer gametype will do, however I do recommend using my "Parkour" gametype for this map because of the instant spawns, shooting eachother will deal no damage and the only way to score any points in the map is by reaching the end.

    • (Only red team/blue team can score points however. Any other teams will not be able to score points at the end.)

    Fastest Time of Completion!

    If you beat the map with a fast time using the Parkour gametype then reply with your video and i'll add your time here :) I'm always interested to see how people play my maps.

    S P O I L E R S

    Red Can Locations

    In the map there will be 4 hidden red cans, shoot them to unlock the reward.

    1 : Immediately from leaving the spawn area, jump to the first platform and then aim to the left side behind the wall. Walk around behind the spawns wall and you'll see a can floating by 4 pigs.

    2: At the beginning of level 2, jump over to the snowman and behind it a can will be seen buried in the snow.

    3 : Behind the "Level 4" purple sign is the 3rd can.

    4 : At the start of the second secret level (Accessible from the start of Level 7) jump to the floating golden whale thats the closest to you. On his right flipper will be the can.

    Secret Levels

    In the map there will be 2 secret levels. Completing a secret level will skip the level you were on.
    1 : At the start of level 3, turn around and walk to the back of the level. You'll fall into a dark room, the teleporter found here will lead to the 1st secret level.

    2 : At the start of level 7, jump off the right side towards a platform with golden rings that's in the middle of level 5. The teleporter on this platform will lead to secret level 2.


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    Nice to see parkour is making it into the evolved tournament.
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