RaceTrack: Co-op


Map Description

  1. Squidzrule

    RaceTrack Co-op is the first map in the co-op series of my RaceTrack parkour maps. Two players required.

    • This map features 9 levels of intense parkour/puzzle challenges that will require both players to work together and communicate
    • Each level completion will reward the two players with a checkpoint.
    • Located on the map are 4 hidden Skulls. Activate the skulls to unlock fun bonuses, such as filters, weather effects, vehicles and more! Can you find all these easter eggs?


    • A standard team slayer gametype will do, however I do recommend using my "Parkour" gametype for this map because of the instant spawns, shooting each-other will deal zero damage and the only way to score any points in the map is by reaching the end goal as a team.

    • (Only red team/blue team can score points however. Any other teams will not be able to score points at the end.

    Fastest Time of Completion!

    • If you beat the map with a fast time using the Parkour gametype, then reply with your video and i'll add your time here :) I'm always interested to see how people play my maps!


  1. Squidzrule

    Squidzrule Marine

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    Probably my personal favourite map I've made.

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