Race Rig Goose Ninja

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  1. Kenjamin1 MI
    Race Rig Goose Ninja -

    Canvas – The Rig
    Gametype – Goose Ninja 2 min.
    (20 checkpoints – Corporate Mongoose)
    *alternate gametype – Goose Ninja Challenge (1 min.) see below.

    Built for the Ducain23 Point-to-Point race forge contest. #pointtopointrace - Uses the modified (checkpoint fix) brain set-up. 20 checkpoints to win.

    Race your Mongoose through "The Rig", 20 points to win. Two Minute gametype version for groups, and to practice solo. *One Minute gametype for expert drivers who are fast AND agile.

    *BONUS* Gametype for Expert Mongoose Drivers –
    (Goose Ninja Challenge)- gametype link
    shortened to 1 min. (also skips intro cinematics).
    Can you get 20 points in 1 min. or less?
    If yes, you are a "Goose Ninja"!

    *if you finish with times around 1:20 or lower, on the 2 min. version, you may be able to beat this. – JAMN

    TIPS - for taking the "Goose Ninja Challenge"
    • Take a couple practice games on the 2 min. gametype - 'Goose Ninja 2 Min'.
    • Restart as needed, to get into one of the two spawns at the 'start' line. (if solo)
    • Only hip-check (bounce off) walls to give yourself a better line on the next corner, otherwise it’s just slowing you down.
    • note: the game clock adds a few/several seconds to the total ‘gametime’ on the summary screen (mostly cinematics). You may finish in 1:00 and the ‘gametime’ will be higher.
    • Try again.
    A True Goose Ninja - will achieve a score of Twenty points with a summary screen ‘gametime’ of 1:00 or less.

    **If you get a time 1:00 or less: Clip It! - set up for max. 2 minutes on your xbox captures. You should catch it all if you do it just as it displays your 'gametime' summary screen. We can check it on waypoint if you are suspicious.

    EASTER EGG - "Race Rig Goose Ninja". (The Rig)

    The map has a sandworm animation that plays after 3 triggers are activated. I was able to script the first one (lever in pit) to go off. The other two have scripted explosions but the blue dev-placed coils don't pop. :facepalm:
    However, If you use the 'Goose Ninja 2 min' gametype, and change the vehicle to the Corp. GUNGoose... You can race the map, shoot the level 2 blue coil, continue to level 3, stop at the Scorpion, shoot the blue coil... look behind you as the sandworm eats the rig in the distance.

    ..You might even still have time to finish with 20 points!

    Enjoy this map with friends! If enough people share their low-time scores here, I’ll do a real leaderboard somehow. :forgehub:

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    LEADER BOARD - "Goose Ninja Challenge"

    Kenjamin1 MI - DNF (score 19) - 'gametime' 1:02

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