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  1. Julianoz1224
    Put your memory to the test as you verse others against the clock to memorize and recreate patterns as accurately as possible!

    Red, Blue and Yellow teams only.


    1) At the start of the round, a 5x5 coloured pattern will be briefly shown for players to memorize.​

    2) Teams will then be teleported to their own rooms containing a blank 5x5 canvas​

    3) Each team must now recreate the pattern displayed at the beginning as accurately as possible, before the 60 second countdown finishes.​

    The pattern can be drawn by selecting the desired colour from the row of switches,
    then standing on each block of the canvas to paint it the chosen colour.​

    4) One the 60 seconds are up, all teams will be teleported back to view the results.
    The team that recreated the pattern most accurately will win the round!​

    Made by Julianoz1224


  1. DrDreidelBerg

    DrDreidelBerg ONI Agent

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    This looks really cool and difficult to script, hopefully in the future you can add more tiles.
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  2. Zandril

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    Honestly don't see this generating hours of fun but it's a great display of just how much you can do with scripting. Especially the scoreboard bit. And I love the minimalist aesthetics.

    Great job dude!
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  3. Julianoz1224

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    Sadly I don't see this as a possibility given the amount of scripts it takes, but thank you! It was definitely a challenge that I almost gave up on.

    Thank you! Yeah it's definitely not something you can replay over and over, but I thought it would be a neat little minigame that hasn't been done in Halo before.
    It was partly a challenge for myself to see if it was actually possible to create :)

    The minimalist aesthetics happened as a result of the map corrupting but glad you liked what I made do with!
  4. Julianoz1224

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