Quarantine Incursion


Map Description

    This map takes place right after you drop down the tunnels at the end of the Sacred Icon mission straight into the quarantine zone. You must defend yourself and survive the flood onslaught.

    Phase 1: After dropping down the tunnels exit the structure and secure the area.
    Phase 2: Push forward to the other end of the ruined bridge and capture the oddball. Hold it for 1 minute.
    Phase 3: Proceed further into the Quarantine Zone and secure a landing zone for the Phantom to drop in a Wraith. Your team must kill 30 flood combat forms in order to get access to the Wraith.
    Phase 4: Proceed into the next structure and fight off the flood surprise counter attack.
    Phase 5: Capture the Stronghold and extinguish the remaining enemies.

    Map Showcase Video:


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