3v3 Slayer

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  1. Alec de Large
    This map started as an idea for a FFA map, where Portal was the primary mechanic behind the gameplay, hence all the white walls and floors.
    I was never able to authenticate it with the teleport system in forge, so the idea was scrapped, and this map set silent for a while.
    The map was then re-purposed to center around the H:CE Magnum, when in the "lore" of the setting changed; Aperature Science Labs, and the head Cave Johnson, takes on more of a sadistic approach to his experiments, akin to that of Richtofen from CoD Zombies.

    So commence the testing. The Halo 1 Pistol is here!
    Just don't expect to find any cake.
    Unless you consider the hidden Flood Sword to be cake, then yes, there will definitely be cake.

    I've added a game variant that plays well with the map. It's my own little touch on Hardcore Slayer that I enjoy playing. Makes for a fast paced experience.
    Highlights of the settings include:
    • Double Thruster Pack (50% usage cost)
    • Sprinting Reload/Shield Recharge
    • Increased Slide Distance
    • Faster time to Max Sprint Speed
    • 10% Increase on Clamber Speed
    • No Radar
    • H2 BR and SMG Laser Sight as starting weapons

    I hope everyone who bookmarks/downloads the map enjoys it as much as I enjoyed spending hours jumping around on it, and fine tuning all of the jumps. There's so many jump routes available so utilize them to the fullest.

    ****Updated the map with Location names and built on to Purple side so that it flows a lot better. There is also a crawl space that transfers from mid/purple and drops down into Orange. *******
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  1. Ryouji Gunblade

    Ryouji Gunblade Spartan I

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    I had a feeling the CE magnum would be on this map. Just a feeling.

    Edit: Also consider adjusting the OS timer. It felt like it came up a lot in FFA.
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  2. Alec de Large

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    Nooo what gave it away? That was supposed to be a secret haha
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  3. Alec de Large

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    Edit: Also consider adjusting the OS timer. It felt like it came up a lot in FFA.[/QUOTE]

    I think it's set to 60 seconds or more. I wanted it kept to a short timer, since the weapons respawn fairly often, but with little ammo.
    The more feedback i get, the better i can balance everything.

    Before posting the map, i have plasma caster, shotgun, grav hammer, rail gun, ce magnum, needler, beam rifle, and the hidden flood sword on the map haha.

    Then one person complained that there were too many power weapons. I just like to slay, i don't care about winning. But per a strangers request, i set the only power weapons to the shotgun, grenade laucher, and the ce magnum.

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