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  1. ChanelWitDaBoof
    A Halo 3 4v4 social experience!

    Supports Team Slayer, King of the Hill, and Oddball!

    I woke up one day feeling nostalgic. So nostalgic in fact, that I decided to run around on old Halo 3 Foundry/Sandbox maps. There is so much beauty in these maps because of the simplicity. I rarely see any NEW creations on Halo 3, and understandably so! It’s a huge pain using the editor! But anyone who knows me knows I’m down for the challenge and that Halo 3 is my ****, so without further adieu here is

    Quality Control by Its 1204

    Standard Weapons:

    Battle Rifle - x4
    Assault Rifle - x2
    Covenant Carbine - x2
    Plasma Rifle - x2
    Plasma Pistol
    Plasma Grenades - x4
    Frag Grenades - x2
    Bubble Shield
    Trip Mine
    Power Drain

    Power Weapons:

    Sniper Rifle
    Rocket Launcher

    Power Ups:




    By the way, I can’t figure out how to use MCC’s file browser thing. There’s no link to my map on waypoint so if you want to download Quality Control, search “Its 1204” XBL and download! It’s in my file share I’ve instead posted a link to my waypoint profile where there should be a download link.
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    Very nice! You have a good taste with spacial awareness. I think I'll take a stroll through this one sometime soon.
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