1. D4rkDeath
    Version: 2016-03-01
    To me, this was the best map in the doubles playlist! I really couldn't find anything that I didn't like in this map! So well done! The gameplay was so much fun, the design is excellent, and the map is just beautiful. In some of the comments it was said that others had pulled off the covenant theme before, but I must say, not as good as this. Great job man, I will continue to enjoy this map in doubles and in customs!
  2. JurassicWeeMan
    Version: 2016-03-01
    I had an absolute blast on this map with a friend in the 2v2 doubles playlist. I'd have to say the gameplay was the best I've had yet in a 2v2 map...the routes are smooth, the drop-offs are fun, the routes make sense, and the gameplay is just so fluid, dynamic and clean. Aesthetics are also great, although I at first tried to use the teleporter piece (which is used as an aesthetic enhancer). Great job!
  3. Nitro
    Version: 2016-03-01
    Didn't realize this map was a thing until someone pointed it out me. I went into the map blindly, I wanted to receive the full aPK effect. Right off the bat, this map screams purple. But having this placed on Alpine, it's a twist to the usual space theme covenant map. Having said that, this map surprisingly plays really well for 2v2s. I want list out the things that I liked and didn't like about this map.

    - Selection of environment, Alpine to include the selection of the skybox.
    - A room based that doesn't feel so closed off.
    - The placement of weapons (couldn't remember if it was all covie, another thing I liked about it) and stronghold locations.
    - Map flow was spot on.
    - The walls that look like louvered windows, nicely done and the tall doors as well.
    - The map honestly made me feel like I was inside a covie base.
    - Curved stairwells, were a nice touch to the curvature of the rest of map.

    - The light bridges, they're different to what everyone else has been doing, but they feel out of place. The color (something you can't handle) is to strong for the rest of the color scheme.
    - The grey flooring in the sunlight vs shade kind of throws it off. Go any darker with the grey, the map is too dark. I don't know how or what you could try to fix that.
    - It was nice to grab beam rifle, but I felt like if it you used Fuel Rod Cannon instead, it would bring some of the combat even closer. The beam rifle felt like I could sit back and try to snipe on small map.
    - The area where invis spawns, I feel like either the ledge above it needs to be lowered or raised. The like I can only make that jump from the floor to the ledge 5% of the time.
    - Wish Oddball or Assault was set up.

    All in all, I have been spreading the word and showing all of my friends this map. It's great looking map and plays really well. Probably my favorite aPK map yet. Hope you submitted this map man and I hope you make it to the top with this one.