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Puerto Paraiso


Map Description

  1. Jack Attaak
    Race wheel to wheel down the narrow alleys and waterfront promenades of one of the galaxy's most historic street circuits. Built for the Forgehub Grand Prix contest.

    To be played with any slayer gametype; 5 rally hogs are provided at the start line.


  1. Unfound

    Unfound Art Team
    Forge Critic

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    Wow this looks fantastic!
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  2. CaptainDireWolf

    CaptainDireWolf Forger of the Wild
    Staff Member Forge Critic Senior Member

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    This does look impressive. Reminds me of Forza Horizon.
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  3. ExtraSpicyMemes

    Likes Received:
    From an aesthetics standpoint I have little if next to nothing to say as it is well optimized and all the budget is used.

    I wish there was more budget though, halo 5 doesn't really have the budget to support a good looking AND fun circuit style racetrack.

    As good looking the track is, it is kind of boring to race on, which can't really be fixed.

    Considering the contest is aesthetic it will most likely win, good job.
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  4. Kenjamin1 MI

    Kenjamin1 MI Heroic
    Senior Member

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    A fun mini Grand Prix of Monaco feeling on this. Very Cool.
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  5. ExTerrestr1al

    ExTerrestr1al Spartan III
    Senior Member

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    ****ing aewsome... as a Gran Turismo fan, the resemblance to "Monaco" is striking and very impressive!
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  6. Jack Attaak

    Jack Attaak Legendary
    Senior Member

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    Thanks for the feedback guys! I had a ton of fun putting this together.
    Yeah, I realized early on that the only way to achieve the level of detail I wanted was to scale back the length of the track significantly. I think there’s still plenty of fun to be had on a shorter, faster track—trying to find faster lines, clipping as close as possible to the insides of corners, maintaining momentum through elevation changes—but I wish I could make the track longer too.
    Thanks! I almost named the map “Monaco” but I didn’t want people to download the map expecting an exact replica. Definitely took lots of inspiration from that circuit, as well as the coastal cities in Forza Horizon 2 and footage from other street circuits around the world.
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  7. Unsorted Gaming

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    Really love your track dude! So many small details everywhere and the track is very smooth! Only critic I have is that I did not like all the cages and bilbords, and think the map would look better without them. I am only saying this cause I loved the map :) :)
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  8. Mags

    Mags Mythic
    Senior Member

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    still cant get over how gorgeous this map is still finding little details like the old school race car statue

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