Project Styx

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Val1ant w0lf
    "Where am I?"

    Is the question you'll be asking yourself as you traverse through all 9 rooms on this chiron inspired teleporter map.

    Supports slayer, oddball, and strongholds.

    This is my most experimental map yet where I stretched the budget to its limits while also putting limits on myself such as "no more than 5 primitive pieces on the map" and "how can I make this piece work?"

    All in all I'm really happy with how this turned out and am hoping y'all enjoy playing on it.

    Idk I'm not good at descriptions.


  1. ArturBloodshot

    ArturBloodshot Spartan II
    Forge Critic

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    Chiron TL-34 2021 vibes in here. o_O
    Aesthetics are great, I like how the antenna functions as a landmark for player orientation. For Slayer plays interesting and chaotic. Not sure about objective modes tho.
  2. Val1ant w0lf

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    Thanks man. Chiron was precisely the inspiration behind this map. Also glad you mentioned the antennas as not many people do. Slayer is probably my favorite mode on the map, oddball is unfortunately a little too easy to win but strongholds is super fun to play. I would have loved to out KoTH on there too. Would have helped players focus on one room at a time and learn the layout.

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