Primus III


Map Description

  1. Omni42
    Explore ruins, collect powerups, battle enemies, and solve puzzles in this semi-recreation of the Agon Wastes area from Metroid Prime 2. Play with gametype Hatchling III.

    While Primus I was an aesthetic/platforming map and Primus II was all about Rube Goldberg puzzles that could only be solved by specific weapons, Primus III has a more straightforward approach, inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Each set of puzzles can be solved in any order, the power-ups are entirely optional, and there are always multiple paths to get from point A to point B.

    Another thing that sets Primus III apart from past iterations is the presence of AI enemies. There are five unique enemy types, each of which presents a unique challenge. Some can be fought, but some are best left alone.

    As with Primus II, this map pushes some of Forge's budgets to the breaking point, so a few bugs are to be expected. Please let me know if you encounter any serious problems. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

    Known issues:
    - Damaging FX pieces like fire only deal damage to inanimate objects and not players for some reason. In the past, I've fixed this issue by clearing up room in the FX/Lighting budgets, but I've got an older version of this map where the fires still hurt you but the budgets are higher, so idk what that's all about. Enemies that rely on FX pieces to hurt you have been given damaging boundaries to compensate, but it doesn't work quite as well.

    - Some scripted/Normal physics objects work perfectly in Forge, but are slightly misaligned in Customs. So far, I've seen this in several doors, the bridge, the rockslide, and the glowing power lines in a certain room. I've fixed the latter two to a certain extent by adjusting the pieces so that they're misaligned in Forge but the bug's change in their positions ends up correcting them in Customs, but the former two are unresolved. I've encountered the door problem before with Primus II, so I'm tempted to say this is just an unavoidable issue with having this many scripted doors on a budget-heavy map.

    - I've seen several cases wherein FX/emissive pieces spawn correctly but remain invisible in Forge, Customs, and/or Theater. It's unsurprising given the FX/Lighting budgets, but nearly everything works properly in Customs, so I'm just going to thank my lucky stars that the only things that don't work are a couple beacon lights here and there.

    - The turret's beam often pops out of its hinge and wiggles around like crazy for a bit before despawning. I've seen this problem with other people's turrets as well, so I'm not sure if it's even possible to fix this one.

    - Certain camera filters occasionally persist if you die while they're on. Added a reset filter zone to the spawn area to compensate.

    - Not a problem with the map, but ForgeHub keeps rejecting my attempts to upload more screenshots. They're not outside the max file size; what's that all about? :p

    P.S. There are two secrets on this map, one of which allows you to sequence-break. Neither of them require glitching out of the map or flying around in Forge; they can both be found while playing in the proper gametype. Have fun with that~


    - Fixed damage boundary for certain enemy.
    - Fixed issue where certain damage zones would continue to damage players after they left the boundary.
    - Added visual cues and better lighting to one area.
    - Adjusted height of one rocky outcropping to make it easier to access.
    - Adjusted size of certain visual filter boundaries to make it less likely for a player to wander into them before entering the area to which they apply.
    - Adjusted the cliff above the elevator to make it no longer possible to escape the map by climbing up it.

Recent Reviews

  1. The similarities between the Metroid Prime series and a custom map (on any game for that matter) is potentially the best I've ever seen. The elaborate detail, the puzzles, world transition, and even the AI were all a throwback. He used Forge capabilities to the max and it shows.
  2. Portaleer Portaleer
    As a Metroid fanatic prior to my Halo days, I must say this left me in shock and awe. The intricate technicalities that went into the AI enemies, paired with a beautifully recreated environment felt like a perfect marriage between Halo and Metroid, offering both a sense of vast landscape and exploration, to threats and puzzles that guide you along what feels like a truly open-world campaign mission.
  3. FRED lllll FRED lllll
    The theme and art match that of Metroid Prime excellently and the puzzle elements encourage exploration. So much fun to play and I would recommend as one of the best puzzle maps with a cool theme. If not for play enjoy the effort on this map.
  4. AverageForge AverageForge
    Wonderful Design! Love it!


  1. JurassicWeeMan

    JurassicWeeMan ONI Agent

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    '...oooh, and ahhh...'
  2. JoeAct20

    JoeAct20 ONI Agent

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    Good stuff!
  3. #TeamArbiter

    #TeamArbiter Spartan I

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    if this is the third map, what's the other ones?
  4. Omni42

    Omni42 ODST

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    Hey, sorry for the late response; didn't get the notification for some reason. Primus I is here, and Primus II is here, but fair warning: the latter is almost a year old, and the former is closing in on *two* years old; they do kinda show their age a bit. But I've done a bit of maintenance on them since then, and last time I checked, they still work properly.

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