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  1. NightAvenger01
    Predator, an infection based game type with 12 players. one predator and 11 survivors. The Predator is invisible with high health and shields but can be killed! Survivors have two weapons caches to equipped themselves in their fight against the invisible hunter! To be played with the custom game type "The Jungle Moved"

    A script has been added that will add a Nav Marker with the tag: Enemy, to the predator. It is set on a 30 second timer and will reveal the location of the predator for 5 seconds. So basically every 35 seconds you will know where the Predator is.
    This might be taken away though because it seems to have made the last man standing kill markers no longer work.

    The Predator's health has also been reduced from 500 to 300.

    The way points on the two weapons caches have also been fixed and they spawn at the start of every round and dont disappear at any point. Their labels have also been changed from "weapons" to "Supplies"

    Currently working on adding sound fx that will follow the predator so you know when he is near.
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    Please add more images of your map so people can get a better idea of what it looks like.
  2. NightAvenger01

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    i have put a couple more pictures but keep running into the issue of it claiming the file is too large even after i have cropped the images. my YouTube video is now attached both by link and in the description so that should hopefully mitigate that in some sort of way...
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    I found that making sure that the images are jpegs works. Normally, when you get an image off an Xbox, it's saved as a png, these are a larger file size when compared to a jpeg. If you have photoshop, you can just open the image up and then save it as a jpeg in there
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