Map Description

  1. HunterXD10
    Predator is an infection game mode inspired by predator (The Movie). As a survivor you must scavenge for weapons to defeat the predator. Survivors will have 15 seconds to hide or stay with the team. (Note that survivors only have one life). As the predator you will spawn in your ship with a prophets bane and a spartan laser. As you look for survivors make sure you don't engage at them at once. This can get you killed if they're in a group and they will focused fire on you. Pick them one by one as you hide. Overall this was a very fun but hard map to make. I tried to balance everything out for the predator and the survivors. And since there is no official heat vision filter in halo 5 this only makes it more harder for the predator to find people. Please leave suggestions on what I should add to the map or change/remove so I can make this map the best as I can.
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