PREDATOR: The Shrine


Map Description

  1. ChainsawSquirel
    An old and buried predator trophy horde, recover the ancient artifacts and evacuate.

    The Predator

    Let no human leave the cave alive
    60% base camo
    Increased health
    No health regeneration
    Weapons: Prophets bane and voids tear
    High sprint speed and jump height
    Base movement speed
    Long range motion tracker

    The humans

    Explore the cave, find the hidden predator trophy shrine and recover what ever artefacts you can carry with you.
    Humans convert to mercenary soldiers upon infection

    Weapons: SMG and assault rifle
    Short range motion tracker
    Pick up weapons are available and hidden around the map.


    CAUTION, the predators have set up various security systems to discriminately detect, and destroy intruders. While ancient and un-maintained technology, some systems may still be live, particularly in the trophy room.


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