Power-Ups with Dynamic Light

Map Description

  1. ExTerrestr1al
    Not much to say, except that this is a list of the three main types of power-ups in Halo 5, with a dynamic light that helps to create real lighting changes as the power-up spawns in and out on your map, for greater aesthetic effect.


    Each prefab is a set of three, allowing you to choose one of the 3 levels of strength of each type of power-up. To use:
    • Ungroup the prefab once placed.
    • delete the levels of Power-Up you don't want
    • Re-group, making the Power-Up the parent of the group.
    *Each piece is 1-per map unless you make some modifications to subsequent copies.

    To modify to your tastes:
    • un-group
    • modify respawn time (120s default)
    • light color (on an unfiltered tidal/meteor test, was best match). but messing around with the color actually has some neat results!
    • light animation (left it off by default, but either a very slow pulse or med-candlelight may look okay)
    • light cone
    • light position (can be placed farther away or altered however you want
    • duplication of light piece (no reason why this shouldn't work)


    Damage Boost
    Speed Boost

    Scripting note: These prefabs each use Msg Send Channel. OS=Oscar, DB=Delta, SB=Sierra. If you find that this will interfere, it should be very easy for you to see how to change the channel on any of these, to make compatible with other scripting.


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