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  1. AngelitoCO

    Thanks to TheRoflzDude for doing a video of three Lockout remakes, including mine :D

    Platform begins at 2:30 in the video.

    I know there are a lot of Lockout Remake maps out there but this was in my files since forge released. So I decided to finish it and post it here :)

    Map Description:
    A map inspired by H2 H3 Lockout forged on a different theme and adapted to H5 mechanics

    I used my imagination and adapted it to the H2 map Lockout layout, adding more cover and bridges

    Sword has been replaced with a Hydra launcher, there are UNSC weapons only except for plasma grenades

    • Changed power weapons
      • Shotgun tier now is standard
      • Deleted grenade launcher
      • Removed the hydra that was in the room below the sniper
      • Changed the saw power weapon for hydra
    • Added/changed some aesthetic and details
    • Removed certain blocks to improve gameplay and some jumps
    • Removed annoying beeping sounds
    • Added sounds to make the map looks more alive
    • Forgot to add location volumes
    • I'm always be looking for ways to improve the map

    I'm open to hear your ideas or suggestions...

    Enjoy... :)

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  1. NILLOC916 NILLOC916
    Meh, it's alright.


  1. JoeDannyMan

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    I like the bridge from library to sniper tower. I always thought something like that would help improve the flow of the map. Have you tested the map with 2v2/4v4?
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  2. AngelitoCO

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    I haven't test it 4v4 but I saw Naded broadcast, he played it 4v4 and it played better than I expected.. the only thing was the weapons I chose, there were too many power weapons, I'm fixing that tonight

    By the way I have to congratulate you, you my friend have made some awesome remakes, the best remakes I've seen, I've made guardian remake, but I have have to say that yours is better scaled, detailed and better looking than mine, I haven't made those remakes you made because yours are perfect and i'm feeling lazy :)
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