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Plaguefated Keep


Map Description

  1. SpartanNick 198
    Plaguefated Keep is an infection map forged by sirjosh10, SpartanNick 198, and an honorable mention for XGO ARTFUL.

    It is based off of a Keep that became cursed and infected came about. It has a few holdout points on the map, a few weapons spread around it and some nice places to looks at.

    There also is an easter egg on the map that you can find if you manage to get the sniper rifle and head to the top of the map, it is there to very subtly explain what happened to the keep.

    PS: A few things may be added to the mpa like more cover or changes on weapon locations so be wary.
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Recent Reviews

  1. sirjosh10 sirjosh10
    Looks pretty good, plays pretty good.


  1. Spranklz

    Spranklz Legendary
    Senior Member

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    I love so many of the details on this map. I'm for sure stealing your method of making banners haha. I love the boat and the ballistas and the cannon too.
  2. SpartanNick 198

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    Aww thanks! XGO ARTFUL made the ballistas and the banners, and sirjosh10 made the boat and the cannon. The ballistas are there so that the infected have another way to get to the boat side or the cannon side.
  3. SpartanNick 198

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