PGGA Mini-Golf


Map Description

  1. TimotheosFraser
    5 territories in the field are free for the taking! Grab a 7-wood golf club up front and start at any one of the 4 unique golf courses to master:
    • The Sand Stone course
    • The Wooden Scaffolding course
    • The Forerunner course
    • And the Covenant course

    A fifth territory exists simply for the sole purpose of not ending the game immediately. If you want an extra challenge, try to find the hidden teleporter to end the game.

    All-in-all, there are no rules. Have at it!

    Map download links for the MCC are currently not possible. Select "Find Player" located in the top right roster, and search for "TimotheosFraser" Both the map and custom gametype are located in my FileShare.
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