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  1. no god anywhere
    Perseus - Pegasus rebuild/rebalance

    This is a map project to attempt to balance some of the issues commonly agreed on with Pegasus. These being the strong influence top red had on the map, imbalanced power placements and other smaller concerns.

    I have not had time to work on this lately and testing is too much of a burden so i am releasing this a little ahead of time but i hope you will all still enjoy. There will definitely be updates in the future. Please leave any concerns you have in this map thread so i can assess them.

    Whats different?

    • Instead of nerfing red side, my aim was to build up blue side to create another viable option of setting up so that rushing for top red is no longer as necessary to hold map control.
    • Power weapon placements are being experimented with. My goal here is to find locations that will avoid adding too much conflict in a generalized location of the map and maintaining nearly fair grabs on initial rush and during game.
    • Added segmentation on both sides yards. Ive heard many times that red courtyard on Pegasus has no direction so changes were made near Pegasus shotgun spawn and blue has a new platform/bridge.
    • There are two new slideways. One is between red ramp and red island. The other connects the street in front of blue with house.
    • Pegasus' small trench hallway that had a bunch of lazy cover has been expanded on. I wanted to make this area nicer and give it opportunity for a weapon placement and stronghold.
    • Perseus has been facelifted with a loose recycle of the pits aesthetics and my own twist.
    Beta Version 1.1 - 8/12/16


    • Rockets(2 min) and sniper(3 min) in the bends.
    • Shotgun in trench, OS(2 min) moved to house
    • SMG red courtyard
    • Plasma pistol moved under blue bridge
    • Carbine in blue bend and blue base
    • Light rifle top red
    • Railgun red bend
    • Caster blue bend
    • Camo house
    • Shotgun excluded
    • Dueling Snipes
    • Damage boost house


  1. NickCastille

    NickCastille Heroic

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    The aesthetic of this map makes me so happy. Looks fantastic. Looking forward to playing/exploring it.
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  2. WAR

    WAR Cartographer
    The Creator Forge Critic

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    Just played on this last night and think you did a fantastic job with the updated design decisions. I really enjoyed the gameplay overall, it feels like a new map. That said, I'm not very fond of the aesthetics and think the map could be pushed in a better direction visually.
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  3. Drizzy_Dan

    Drizzy_Dan Spartan III

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    Hey, just got done playing on this tonight. Gameplay-wise, it's a real step up from the original Pegasus and it definitely takes away the want to hold out in top Red. The original additions did not go unmissed of course. My favorite was probably the slide opening from snipe stairs onto plat in front of sniper spawn.

    Concerns: The bottom wasn't used much in our lobby because players didn't feel a need to go down there unless they found themselves there on a spawn. The spawning was also a little rough at times and there were some spawn kills.

    The biggest issue that I feel needs to be addressed, regardless of whether you agree with changing the others, is that there is no color differentiation on the map. Players were often confused or disoriented off spawn and I believe making the areas color coordinated would definitely solve this.

    Overall, well done. I immediately thought it was so much better than the original Pegasus.
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  4. no god anywhere

    no god anywhere Promethean
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    I agree that i could do better but i couldnt come up with anything else. It took me a week of looking at the map in its blockout state (below) before i came up with the pit aesthetic which i could just tack on to the simplicity of the blockout i started with. Aesthetics are just hard for me unless i build the map while i do the aesthetics(High Citadel for example). I beg you, please give me some ideas on what you think i could do. As of now though im scared to go any further because of the framerate issues forge is having. I dont know where the game-engine issues end and the over-object-count issues begin, if that makes sense. Otherwise youre the first to say you dont like the aesthetic but i still value your opinion, so thanks.


    What named locations are you referring to when you mention 'the bottom' and how do you think i can fix these areas? Note that im pushing for this map to work in strongholds and trench is one of them. I was thinking to remove the divider in red courtyard, what do you guys think? Edit: I went to forge and reverted it back to how it normally was and although its one of the biggest changes to the map ive made, i think it will be a lot better having the courtyard open like it originally was... still thinking hard on it.

    The spawning was AWFUL at top blue on the first version and its been getting better but i have not played the map since the last round of spawn fixing i did before posting this map thread. What spawns in particular were causing you issues in your games?

    Player orientation is tons better after adding red and blue on the map. Before it was ALL brown. TBH though, I am one of the people who believe orientation issues simply come down to map knowledge and am reluctant to add colors all over my maps just for first time players.

    Thanks for taking time to give me this feedback guys and im sorry i am responding late.
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  5. Drizzy_Dan

    Drizzy_Dan Spartan III

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    The Shotgun spawn area was the most underused unless players in the lobby spawned there. A Stronghold in the trench would definitely provide the incentive players need to make their way down there.

    I personally caught spawners and was shot off spawn when I was on plat and others were spawning down below near security.
  6. HeX Reapers

    HeX Reapers Spartan III
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    @no god anywhere

    Yo you want me to write up an OCD check-up for this map? I'd love to see its aesthetics be as perfect as possible.

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