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  1. Blaze
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  1. brusky0086 brusky0086
    Continuing their trend of killer maps these two are on fire right now. Excellent theme and immersion and a competent layout. Both games I played were very close and each team won one so balance seems on point. A very well done map with a lot of effort put in and it shows. Well done boys.
  2. Such an amazing and beautifully crafted map. Loved the mix of platforms and battle layers which remind me of Lockout with some Guardian elements in there. Kinda familiar but still innovative and modern!
  3. WAR WAR
    Equally impressed with the layout and art. Really love the layers of combat between platforms and levels but the thing that makes me smile the most are the mushroom tac jumps because it makes me feel like a tree frog ;) Well done guys! Can't wait to see what else you guys cook up
  4. Reminds me of lockdown!c ASSIC


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