Peak AahBoo


Map Description

  1. Kenjamin1 MI
    Peak AahBoo

    Canvas: Tidal, stormy

    Gametype - Alpine Rally (Race) or the common race gametype.
    I'm linking the ONI Goose Race gametype. *Ideal with Mongoose, but a Warthog can be used.

    20 Checkpoint Lap (60 for 3 laps)
    Supports 16 drivers, respawns near every checkpoint, Invis-blocker at start, mostly a double-wide skytrack with plenty of places to fall. It has a couple jumps, an area where rocks may push you off, and a tall ski-slope hill to finish a lap. I added effect blocker brains to only have rain outside, and I tried to put enough kill-zones to get you re-spawned asap if you fall. The Lightning Strikes may do damage, or kill you. There is a small bridge inside near the water, it is a problem for the warthog, unless you know how to control your momentum.
    This was an entry in a Ducain23 YouTube contest. ...some time back.

    Cheers! - JAMN


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