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  1. Squally DaBeanz

    By Squally DaBeanz

    "The UNSC retrofitted and rebuilt many industrial facilities into munitions factories during the war with the Covenant."
    Note: This map received minimal playtesting.

    Payload is a small asymmetrical arena map modelled after an old missile factory. It is primarily divided into four distinct quadrants (two interior and two exterior) with a sort of "spine" running down the middle of the map. The goal was to update and build upon the idea of an older map of mine but make it a little more complex. The map has a cat and mouse type of gameplay on it, where you can often get glimpses of players but need to think ahead and find ways to intercept them. Each of the four quadrants provide different opportunities and advantages to players.

    The exterior sections of the map are more open and spacious, and are separated by a dividing wall in the middle with an accessible roof. One side has more substantial cover and easier access to the roof. The other side is a long road sloping up toward the wall with a sneaky path along the cliff. The roof in the middle is connected directly to the interior of the map and easily countered from several positions.

    The interior of the map consists of two large atriums, again divided by the "spine" of the map running between them. The outer roof leads into a narrow hallway with a death pit below it, which separates the two atriums. One atrium is at a higher elevation and houses a ramped cargo platform with smaller rooms surrounding it. The other atrium has various catwalks and perimeter pathways with connections to both elevations of the central spine.


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