3v3 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Raptorxl98
    Pavillon is a colorful small sized arena map set in a skyscraper.
    This map plays very well with (Super)Fiesta, FFA and Triple Team (Multi Team) matches.

    The map is basically divided into two main areas at the bottom (lobby and the gallery) and connected with two main ways (pink room and aquarium) and different sideways ( i love "trick" jumps and unusual or hidden parts so you can find some of them on this map).
    The gallery has more cover and is surrounded by a small catwalk above this position.
    It also leads a way into the "ice bar". A area on the top and basically the "middle" of the map and is also the sniper rifle spawn.
    The second main area is the "lobby". Its a more open battlefield but leads you into every position on this map.

    Weapon spawns:

    4 Frag Grenades
    2 Splinter Grenades
    1 Shotgun (90 seconds)
    1 SMG

    2 Frag Grenades
    1 BR

    1 Assault Rifle

    Yellow Area:
    1 Storm Rifle

    Ice Bar:
    2 Plasma Grenades
    1 Sniper Rifle (180 seconds, 1 extra clip)

    1 Needler
    1 BR

    1 Overshield (120 seconds)

    Pink Room:
    1 Halo 2 BR
    1 Storm Rifle

    Green Array:
    1 Halo 2 BR
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