4v4 Slayer

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  1. Ely Pot
    Built by the a Forerunner builder, this place was mostly a quiet and calm setting. Filled with life and nature as gorgeous plants sprout throughout the day. During the galactic war with the flood the settlers who once lived here got swarmed by flood combat units, all had fallen except for three survivors. The place was rotten and was being shifted into flood hives to house the infected who settled there. Because the halo rings were fired, the nasty zombies were wiped of this temple in a matter on minutes. The structure was built for one purpose though, evaluation. The infected shield world they were stranded on was slowly becoming the Gravemind’s property and I needed to be evacuated. There ships were demolished and so they reconstructed the temple into a large teleportation device. It’s purpose was to send them all to Requiem to escape the coming flood invasion. Once the transportation process was complete, the portal, created by two energy rings in the middle of the structure would be powered down. Only three Forerunner builders made it through, the portal accidentally closed early. The rest were consumed. The structure was uncovered by the UNSC in 2558 on the third week of April. It now stands in the current condition you see today, it just sits there as the spirits of the fallen roam the land. The map holds up to 16-2 players. Pathway is good for many games, mostly slayer, in the competitive playlist. Some social games also go good with this map.


  1. agony ZENITH

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    This looks sexy and classic. I have to check it out!
    I also enjoy these backstories, me for one suck at backstories. Haha
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  2. Ryouji Gunblade

    Ryouji Gunblade Spartan I

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    I would experiment more with light bake off, especially in the well lit interior areas.

    It looks like you got the Combat Evolved look down. Good job.
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