8v8 Breakout

Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    This is another upgraded improved version of a map I made when I first got my hands on Halo 5. Originally developed for Breakout, I didn't fully understand how large maps needed to be for certain game types at the time; I took the original concept of the map and its size and geared the entire map to work with Slayer and Breakout for big-team battle scale gameplay.

    Parellelum is built to remain symmetrical while also being asymmetrical, players will find the map easy to understand while needing to remember where teleporters and weapons are located in a mirrored fashion. A rocket launcher is located in the very middle of the map on the main floor, while a Shotgun and Overshield are located directly above it on the second floor which players can acces via grav-lifts and teleporters. The map also contains two Mantis' at opposite corners of the map.



    Version 2.3 Changelog
    -Fixed Neutral Respawn points not spawning on the map
    -Added remaining team Initial spawns
    -Moved Red and Blue Team Respawns to remove them from the line of fire


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