Paradise Incursion


Map Description

    This map takes place on a series of island that have been occupied by a joint force of Elites and Humans roughly a decade or so prior to the end of the great Covenant war. One day there was a report of an assault by an unstoppable enemy, an enemy that leaves no corpse behind. A large group of Elite Special Forces have charted a course for this base, with every intension of taking the islands back no matter the cost. For if they fail, the secrets of both the Human and Elite home planets will be forever in the hands of The Flood.

    Phase 1: After a direct assault with Phantoms on the first island you must capture each localized position and move forward closer to the forerunner structure that drills deep to the inner rock of the island.

    Phase 2: Enter the structure after all of the zones are captured, within the underground you must grab and hold the oddball for 1 min.

    Phase 3: Proceed to exit the structure and take the lift down to the lower part of the ravine. There is a large gap between you and the other end of the cavern that leads to the beach. You must build a bridge to get to the other side.

    Phase 4: Proceed to the beach area and on the other end take the ship and ride it to the next island. You will have air support from a Wasp. This will be the largest and most hectic part of the map, you will be bombarded by all types of heavy vehicles. The ship has a health system so you must protect it. Once the health reaches 0% the ship sinks and if you're on it you drown. As you're on the ship you must destroy the enemy watch towers, vehicles and turret emplacements all while protecting the ship and getting to the other side safely.

    Phase 5: Once you reach the other side you must extinguish the remaining enemies on the beach (get 30 infected kills in order to enter the forerunner temple).

    Phase 6: In this final phase your remaining squad realizes that this base is too far gone by Flood infestation, so you decide the only way is to blow it up. Enter the temple and find the island reactor, and shoot it until its health reaches 0%. The Flood with be there to defend so this will be the fight of your lives. You will not make it off the island alive, but will lay down your life for the good of the entire universe. An Honorable Death..


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