1. Panic 2: Panic Harder

    This map update is based on feedback from Max Extra's Forged Fridays.

    - Reduced size of exterior team bases.
    -- Reduced length of associated tunnels.
    -- CTF/ball locations are now closer to the inside of the map.
    - Added a drop/lift from the Plasma Pistol tunnel to the purple area on the Moon Deck.
    - Redesigned the Sniper Base.
    - Added additional cover to the outside balcony.
    - Redesigned the Red and Blue Ramps.
    - Added Carbines to the Red and Blue Ramps.
    - Replaced the Assault Rifles in the windowed hallways with Plasma Rifles.
    - Punched out the walls separating the windowed hallways from Mid.
    - Respawn points have been replaced globally.
    - Relocated two Strongholds from the Red and Blue Bases into the respective windowed hallways.

    The original version of the map has been saved and is linked in the map description. Due to its size, it is best played with 16 players.
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