Panic Attack

6v6 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Psychoduck
    Panic Attack's roots date back as far as Halo 3. I have long been interested in creating my own brand of Big Team Battle maps which incorporate elements from competitive arena maps. This started with U-Turn: a streamlined BTB map centered around having simple routes which were just as open to infantry as they were to vehicle use. This concept was improved greatly with S in Halo: Reach. In Halo 4, I took this idea to the next level with Panic Station which was designed to be more akin to a 1v1 map but on a big team scale. Panic Station's driving routes were incredible, but the map's construction was somewhat flawed because it was built so soon after Halo 4's release. For months now I've wanted to create a successor to Panic Station and I have finally accomplished that.<br /><br />Design
    Panic Attack is an inversely symmetrical arena map. It is also a Squad/BTB map. The goal was to create an experience that competitive arena players would enjoy just as much as big team enthusiasts. I went into the design process with the philosophy that the Warthog was a skill-based vehicle. Having a good pair of players in a Warthog would be a deciding factor in any match, but the infantry combat wouldn't have to take a back seat to vehicle gameplay. I designed directional flow into the vehicle routes by the use of jumps and drop-offs. This combined with some careful line of sight and power position design has created a very unique experience.
    I've had a hell of a lot of fun designing, building, and testing this map over the last few months. i'd like to thank everyone who participated in testing, particularly those who provided valuable feedback.
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Recent Reviews

  1. WAR WAR
    Great experiences playing 5v5 CTF. A huge recommend to anyone out there. Well done Duck!
  2. Skyward Shoe Skyward Shoe
    One of the most balanced, thoughtful, and fun to drive BTB maps in Halo 4, or possibly Halo in general. Quite on par with developer BTB maps and better than many, a perfect blend of arena gameplay and BTB fun.
  3. Festuca Festuca
    Ducks hogworthy maps, are consistent staple for bigger lobbies in my custom rotations. Plenty of elbow room, and spot on geometry. I thought the lower middle bridge cavity could have attributed by an incline, instead of it being a jump up, but this is a very little detail, and maybe even perhaps preference! Nice craftsmanship as always! Psychoducks' maps are, always quality, over quantity!
  4. Zandril Zandril
    Panic Attack is one of those maps that make me want to forge bigger maps. I've kind of confined myself in this box of 1v1 and 2v2 maps but playing Panic Attack enough times made me break out of that box.

    I'm not much of a vehicle guy which is why I don't forge BTB, but the way this map fuses vehicles and infantry together really fits well into my play style.

    The map is extremely balanced and definitely a lot of fun to play on. In many ways, I prefer this map over Panic Station which had a similar style to it which is merging infantry and vehicle combat.

    Panic Attack improves upon this concept. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more maps with a similar design theory behind them.


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