Overlook Manor 1.1


Map Description

  1. NukeOhio2024
    *Version 1.1 Out Now*
    Enables access to rooftops and some other dope stuff


    Ghosts have decided to take over Overlook Manor and it's time to show them who's boss. Play with game type "Haunted House". This game type is best played with at least eight people.

    This version of Infection combines Alpha Zombies and Safe Havens. The initial ghost trades their infinite sprint for active camo.


    Ghosts can enter the house through the the front, back, or through a teleporter that will send them to a random location within the house.

    Survivors have thirty seconds to enter the house and prepare for the ghost invasion. Humans can either holdout in a room, or run from haven to haven avoiding ghosts.


    There are also three custom powerups that activate infinite clip. They spawn in at various times during the game.

    Supported Game Types: (*Compatible with MCC Custom Browser*)
    -Haunted House


    -Alpha Zombies

    -Safe Havens

    How to Download (2021)
    Time Stamp 3:40

    The map does flash. This is because Halo Reach's engine is barely capable of containing the raw awesomeness of this map.
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