Outpost Delta

8v8 Strongholds

Map Description

  1. SprinterCell
    2 Teams. Red and Blue. Both teams starts off with 2 Strongholds to capture and one in the middle of the map where both teams would have to engage with various weapons and vehicles. 3 strongholds are required to gain points. 6 Power weapons are scattered across the map. Teleporters to traverse the battlefield. Flanking routes and grav lifts are included as well. Blue team has this huge castle/outpost on the hill armed with chainguns and an armory. Blue team may defend the castle if they please but they have to get out to capture the strongholds. While it may seem daunting for red team, flanking routes and proper weapons are supplied for Red Team to balance it out. Thanks for reading. Have fun! This is like my 2nd map where I actually spent my time on so please feel free to send me some feedback. I'd probably keep updating it for balancing.


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