Outpost 37

8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. SprinterCell
    OUTPOST 37

    Work with your team to gain 60 kills using various weapons and vehicles.

    A simple objective map. Win 3 rounds and you win. Use weapons scattered across the map to gain advantage to your enemies. There are about 3 types of vehicles for each team (Mantises, Gungooses, Scorpions, and Warthogs). The Blue Base (Outpost) are composed of walls and towers. Main features of the blue base are having a functional gate, chain gun turrets on the walls, and a stockpile of weapons on their armory. While it may look overpowered, it has cons that will be a useful for the Red Team.
    The Red Team is based on the battlefield. They have plenty of cover and weapons across the battlefield. The battlefield's main feature is the forest, it provides cover for the snipers to take out the people of Blue Team.
    There are 3 methods of infiltrating the outpost. 1st one is in the gates, form up with your team mates and rush through the gates with a scorpion.
    2nd is the grav-lift, the grav-lift brings you right through their armory but you are at risk of getting killed easily. Once you take hold of the armory, Blue team will have a hard time getting it back, but it's possible.
    3rd is the caves in the farther left of the outpost. It provides the easiest way to provide a flank for your teamates.
    Expect heavy defenses on your way.
    Taking hold of the Outpost will increse your kills, but it won't take long for the Blue Team to retake it.

    Work and coordinate strategies with your team to successfully earn a victory.

    This is my first "big project" map, so forgive me if I didn't meet your expectations.


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