Our Nightmare 5


Map Description

  1. munk07
    Our Nightmare 5

    Another installment to the Nightmare series. This is a Single Player Scary Puzzle Map.

    Use Headphones. Turn off Lights. Be alone. Solo. Single player. Grasp this please. SOLO.

    Also I would like to shout out to a few people.

    To A Squid Loaf, without his puzzle maps I wouldnt have forged as much as I have trying to figure out how to forge.

    To Comedy Aerosol, Murloc, and A Squid Loaf, for playing my maps on stream and once again building my momentum for forging more maps.

    To Naded, which by surprise, someone like him is playing my maps on stream. Its really cool to see my maps in streams and drives me to create more intuitive maps.

    To Forgehub, for allowing me to submit my maps to a source that people will actually find my maps. Its a interesting and unique website that I should have used a while back.

    I look forward to feedback and enjoyment hopefully of my maps.


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