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  1. SecretSchnitzel
    <h3 class="post-title entry-title">Orion Official Release</h3>
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    Orion<br /> By SecretSchnitzel<br /> <br /> Featured Gametypes: Team Slayer | King of the Hill<br /> <br /> Description: Orion is a vertical oriented map in the fashion of H3's Construct. It was designed to address some of the flaws of that plagued Construct in H3, such as the lack of movement options and difficulty breaking top control, while maintaining the awesome style of KotH gameplay that the map featured. The map was originally forged in H4 and was featured in the Proving Grounds playlist. This iteration features some slight changes, most notably being more vertical and slightly wide to promote better spawning, as well as more intuitive movement options created by reversing the direction of open ramp to exit near open lobby and sword legs being reworked to stem from the middle section of the map rather than snipe spawn. The map has also undergone some significant aesthetic and weapon changes (aside from the the forge textures) to further differentiate Open and Closed side from one another, primarily the change of the OS location from Bottom Gold to Open Ramp and the inclusion of a Camo at the bottom of the Blue Street drop down.<br /> <br />One major change to this map comes in the feature or using H2A's scripting capabilities to influence the game's spawn system, which now allows players to activate spawn points in certain locations around the map to anchor spawns. These areas are are Red and Blue Lobby, as well as Back Gold. Additionally, the map features scripted timers for the power weapons and power ups for pure static spawns.<br /> <br /> Strategy:<br /> <br /> Maintain top control by holding down any combination of the Lobbies and/or Back Gold, forcing the opposing team to spawn on the bottom of the map. The hardest hill to hold is the the primary hill under sword (snipe spawn) which spawns most frequently. A great way to hold it is through controlling the streets, and an additional player anchoring in either lobby or sword ramp. Sword is probably the easier of the two as the player controlling it can help control the flow of opposing players rushing from the bottom level of the map. The two other hills are located on the opposing streets, which are much easier to lock down and thus most vital to control for racking up hill time, most specifically closed street as it offers better sight lines on the map and is more difficult to approach. <br /> <br />Weapons:<br /> Rockets 3min<br /> Sniper 2min<br /> Camo 90s<br /> OS 60s (1 layer, offers little additional protection)
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  1. a Chunk a Chunk
    I really want to get a few games of KOTH on here at some point, since that's definitely going to be its strongest gametype. I enjoyed Slayer on this more than I expected to. I felt like it played Slayer significantly better than the map/s it takes inspiration from. The scaling and lines of sight are quite good.
    Much like. Would play again.
  2. Love the maps cross sections, it's quick to learn, good for competitive hill, and really stands out as a choice selection for the dedicated Halo players, definitely give the map a chance in your next 4v4 lobby, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.


  1. WAR

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    Glad you brought this over to the next generation.&ensp; I really enjoyed game play on Orion from Halo Reach and Halo 4.&ensp; The 2v2 we held was solid, I love the new rail access to sword from bottom mid.&ensp; Thats so much more intuitive with player movement.&ensp; The silent lifts are equally useful to reach the top of the map.&ensp; Dont listen to haters, this design has huge potential.
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    Glad you like it War. The map can be a bit polarizing with people though, so I cant blamd the haters either. But whatevs, it is what it is. Im not making out as some amazing map, Im just happy that theres a good number of people that like it.

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