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  1. ian
    Origin is a map me and my buddy worked on. Besides its small map nature, we are excited and kinda excited to say that the map does make up for a really awesome aesthetic of a destroyed village, from a brother colony of the UNSC.

    the map surprisingly works for 1v1s and 2v2s with the Halo 2 game type. The map is also fun to play on with ro sham bo, super-fiesta game-type might be sloppy for the map only because the multiple spawning on the map with extremely powerful weaponry could turn into spawn killing but honestly, we have not tested it for ourselves so there's no telling so far.

    We would love for anyone to try it out and tell us what you think, just looking at the map when I haven't gone on halo in months made me excited and was amazing to sightsee through it.

    We really hope all of you enjoy the hard work that went into the detail of our small map. We worked so long to put in as much detail as possible but still in the block limit and trying to make it as functional as possible for a slayer based map.
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