6v6 Assault

Map Description

  1. Ivan Diaz
    It is an invasion map composed of 3 phases.

    Phase 1: The park
    The attacking team will advance and try to activate a detonator of a covenant antiaircraft turret in the park, when doing this the next phase will be activated, a fighter aircraft will bombard the rear of the antiaircraft creating a hole where the next phase can be accessed.

    Phase 2: The metro station
    The attacking team must capture a perimeter on one of the subway station platforms, there are markers that will indicate the progress of the capture, once the area is captured the last phase is activated.

    Phase 3: Crash site
    The attacking team must grab the ball that will be generated once the phase is activated, when they grab this ball they must take it to the extraction site to complete the point and win the round.

    Possible bugs:
    The game mode can be played by rounds, both teams can exchange the roles of attacker and defender in each round, but a problem related to the ball may occur, sometimes the location of the ball will not be marked, although it will still be generated normally.


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