4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Ashanti
    Aesthetically this map looks different from the original Halo 3 MLG Map, also has been resized for halo 5, best played with HCS Settings. (Change to 5 Flag Captures!)
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  1. fame28

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    Onslaught was fun in the Halo 3 days for what it was. This map from the first thumbnail seemed like it might be a direct Onslaught until I loaded the thread. The map has the right layout, but the aesthetics's make the map feel like it is confused about it's own identity. Part's are reminiscent of the original foundry aesthetic, but than there are vehicles, banners and open floating sky. It would be best to either reskin the whole map to a new looking theme all in it's own or foundry as close as possible, inclduing the foundry walls and ceiling around it. Give it a go in updating the aesthetics's one way or another, but not as it is now.
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