Old Town

8v8 Slayer

Map Description

  1. HFR_SpartanFred
    Hey Guys!

    Here I am again with a new map forged on Halo 5: Guardians!

    As you will surely understand, this is a BTB map, largely inspired by the Old Mombasa seen in Halo 2!

    This is not a remake, but an inspiration of the style of the latter! ;)

    It is symmetrical and pretty big.

    Have fun and do not forget to give feedback! ;)

    *Powered by Google translate! ;)


  1. munk07

    munk07 ONI Agent

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    I havent played it yet but the pictures look very nice.
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  2. ExTerrestr1al

    ExTerrestr1al Heroic
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    I would take out those covenant pieces. I know why you did it (invasion of covies) but it looks bad. The rest looks pretty good.
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