1. winter 2020 rescript 1.2

    Late posting this update, but I did go through all scripting on this map and r eplace with advancements I've learned since originally creating this, my first Halo 5 published map.

    • Rescripted/redesigned random spawn feature - no more spawning in same tube as someone else, and other technical improvments including locking down a tube if someone is standing near it (map dividing into quarters, standing in a quarter stops the tube from spawning someone there)
    • reworked lighting - now has soft color tones so that orientation in a 2-way symmetrical space is now possible.
    • redesigned centerpiece fixture - no longer moves up/down in a sequence, which was cool - but static with advanced sequence of lit boundaries giving a cool asthetic effect (movement was breaking other scripting!) Sequence now has much better ambiance and end of sequence creates temp fog for more dynamic playspace!
    • cleaned up forging a little.
    • Still has eight sides.
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