4v4 Slayer

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  1. Garrett757
    Even this overgrown temple was not safe from combat after the Covenant invaded Africa. This map supports up to 16 players, however is mostly suited for smaller games from 1v1 to 4v4. I really tried to make a nice balanced game type oriented map that is aesthetically pleasing but doesn't sacrifice frame rate.

    The map is symmetrical with a shallow man made pond in the middle, a temple on each side of the map for each spawn and flag return, a waterfall in the cave with pathways leading to it, and one stone building with narrow hallways connecting each side to the middle of the map. I really tried to give the map an old or ancient feeling to it by adding the overgrowth and utilizing the concrete blocks to replicate stone to make nice columned structures and such.

    Weapons on map:
    4 Battle Rifle
    4 Frag Grenades
    2 Covenant Carbines
    2 Plasma Grenades
    2 Magnums
    2 Plasma Pistols
    2 Smgs
    2 Silenced Smgs
    1 Energey sword (Slayer gametypes only)
    1 Shotgun

    I wasn't planning on forging again till Halo 5 came out but since the Forge was delayed I decided to create this map. Hope you guys like it and all comments are greatly appreciated!


  1. Shadowcat AZ

    Shadowcat AZ Guest

    I plan to DL this one, but from the screenies this looks fantastic! I really get the old temple feel!
  2. Garrett757

    Garrett757 Spartan III

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    Awesome I'd love to hear how it plays for you!

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