Northern Darkness

1v1 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Soldat Du Christ
    This map was a blast to make, and testing was a breaze compared to my previous work. As a consequence i was able to create the kind of quality and ballence i look for in tier 1 maps.

    If you enjoy warming up with friends, or a general showdown look no further.

    • Rockets - 180 - 0 clips
    • Sniper - 120 - 0 clips
    • PP - 30 - 50%
    • Damage Boost - 60
    • SMG - 30 - 0 clips
    • x2 Magnums
    • x4 Frags
    • x2 Plasmas
    • x2 Splinters

    Beginers Guide
    Right away you'll notice rockets are on a pad, while an extreme source of firepower, claiming rockets for yourself if not such an easy task. Once grabbed the player will be funneled through bottom mid forced to pick between 3 dofferent routes. Slay first, if you want to be safe. The sniper located near subs will help you lock down a few sightlines. Damage boost is a risk to grab, and by istelf may not be worth the climb. However, in combination with sniper, smg or rockets you will be one overpowered juggernaut of firepower.

    The splinter grendades can be used especialy well for pathing denial, just don't grab them unprepared. If you are ever feeling pinned down, with a lack of options, don't diseregard the lower routes.


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