4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    Set inside the middle of Bloodline, Nile is a smaller version of the Bloodgulch setup, with two opposing bases built with the pyramid pieces to offer a first for the setup; Each base looks similar but offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages; offering a number strategies for each opposing team to use to defend against each other as well as offense. Both sides of the Nile have Snipernests, as well as teleporters that will spawn players into the midst of the battlefield. In the middle of the Nile, players will find a Neutral zone, in which ammunition for both the Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifles can be found.

    To download go open your roster click on your profile, then click on find player, search my Gamertag (Cardnal) and click on Fileshare!
    And you got it!!

    Please contact me with any issues with this map, it IS old so I may have missed some bugs caused by this.

    Supported Gametypes
    -Slayer FFA
    -Team Slayer
    -King of the Hill
    -Capture the Flag

    Supported Teams
    *Two to each team only


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