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  1. Ryouji Gunblade
    "All hail the Glow Cloud."

    In case you don't know what Night Vale is about, here's a link to the pilot episode of the popular audio podcast series. Listening to the episodes while playing adds extra immersion so I highly recommend that.

    In short, Night Vale is a small desert town where nothing strange ever happens. Certainly not secret police wiretaps, inexplicable weather phenomena, buildings appearing and disappearing, or hooded figures performing unspeakable black magic. Not at all. In this town listening to the radio broadcast is the usual way to relax and keep your mind off things. Things that might occur in the dog park which citizens are not supposed to be consciously aware of. The dog park that can never, ever be real. In addition to the dog park I've included Rico's Pizza, the bowling alley, the radio tower, the monolith, and more, just in case you're already a fan of the early podcast episodes.

    This particular night has you somehow trapped inside the dog park playing grifball for the entertainment of unseen forces. Enjoy! And special thanks to jelly3eans for the alphabet template.

    Welcome to Night Vale!


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    Is it "bring my dog to work day" yet?
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