Night of The Mantis - Versus

4v4 Custom

Map Description

  1. Julianoz1224
    Welcome to Night of The Mantis Versus!

    Two teams have been pitted against each other in a fight for survival,
    where they must outperform one another to be the last team standing and escape.

    In this competitive gamemode based on Night of The Mantis and it's sequel,
    teams must fight waves of Mantises, earn points and purchase weapon upgrades to stay alive.

    Made for 4v4, but difficulty will scale for each team between 1 and 4 players to keep it an even fight.

    Feel free to try a 1v1, 2v2, or even 2v4!

    Created for Action Sack :)

    Made by Julianoz1224


    Each wave has multiple variations that are randomly selected each game.


    If your team finishes a wave first, use the extra break time to prepare while the other team has to catch up!


    The weapon selection changes each game,

    it will however always remain identical between teams.


    Special Thanks

    For helping with issues, providing feedback and rigorous testing

    For helping test the difficulty

    Defected Ark

    Amor de Venom

    For helping test for the Action Sack playlist (sorry if I missed anyone!)

    Who's Blaze
    Randy 355
    JA50N 0
    oO 1MMORTAL Oo
    b0b is here

    x SL0TH x
    Special Mention to Nokyard for all the lobby hosting, helping make those tests possible!

    I hope you enjoy!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Goomba Girl Goomba Girl
    Best game ever!
    Goomba approved. ;)
  2. JonesSeries JonesSeries
    Some might say I'm a bit bias but this a true masterpiece. This is a great example of taking a map to the limits of Halo 5 forge. The amount of scripts and moving objects is crazy. The fact that the map will balance teams that are missing players is amazing.


  1. munk07

    munk07 ODST

    Likes Received:
    This was really fun to play.
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  2. Sword of Malnok

    Sword of Malnok ONI Agent

    Likes Received:
    I choked on my spit when I saw what happened to the losing team after the first encounter in matchmaking.
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