Night of The Mantis 2 - A Cold Reunion


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  1. Julianoz1224
    A big Special Thanks to BiteSizeTuna, Zeo6547, Uptownflame5596 and Miguelausen for surprising me with an amazing cinematic trailer for the map! Watch it Here

    Made by Julianoz1224

    Survive the Mantis Horde. Reach Wave 20 for a chance to Escape.


    A year and 10 months since I finished Night of the Mantis, The second one is here.
    Armed with a dramatic subtitle and fancy Photoshop, I hope Night of the Mantis 2 is able to bring fun and entertainment to whoever plays it.
    An insane amount of time and hard work has gone into this map, over many months and breaks from almost giving up on it.
    To those of you that see this map after all this time and decide to try it out, thank you so much, it means a lot. I hope you enjoy it.

    Here is a summary of what is new and improved:

    • Each Player has their own individual points to earn and spend
    • The Mantis Waves are randomly generated
    • Side windows open during later rounds and have their own approaching threats
    • Players purchase their own weapons for themselves that they can upgrade and gift
    • Base Upgrades - Including Mines, Turrets and a Second story Floor with a Shade Turret
    • A Random Weapon Box
    • The Base has 3 Lives. No more instant loss
    • Mantis health is dynamic, starting low and increasing with each wave
    • Endless wave survival if you so wish after beating the game, allowing you to go for a highscore with ever increasing difficulty.
    • The difficulty and Mantis health adjusts for each additional player in the game
    • Intermissions now have consistent length and can be skipped

    Special Thanks:

    HydroTurkey - For adding some interior design, lighting, poles and helping motivate me for the entire time I worked on this map <3
    PaddyLeaf873 - For helping test and restore my motivation
    Smid Ops - For helping test late at night
    Fifi Ophelia - For helping test and being my sister
    NinjaDyson - For helping test and driving me insane
    Deathproof1131 - For helping test and breaking the ammo refill countless times
    UltraGRAGON - For helping test when I needed a fourth player
    Fall On Coin - For soothing me with his guitar playing while testing
    I ResViper I - For giving me tips to help with script performance
    Preenie - For absolutely losing her mind at the map and helping motivate me to finish
    Marye West - For managing to be the first person to get herself stuck up and behind The Random Box

    Seventh Orca - For the "Detailed Inset Monitors" Prefab I modified
    xNemesis 217 - For the "Computer Terminal" Prefab I modified


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    I can only imagine how long the scripting took for this map. the fact the scripting budget is fully maxed out yet the map doesnt seem to break in anyway is really impressive given how easy Halo breaks. Does the game have JIP (join in progress) issues? every time ive ever gone past 1580 budget the game prevents JIP almost entirely.

    The budgets seem really hit or miss to the actual strain on the game for me, especially when it comes to reliability in customs, and I am wondering if you encountered anything not working when you did nothing wrong (IE scripts being ignored by the game), I know the game has some quirks like message scripts not working consitantly.

    I see that despite the budget being maxed the overall physical geometry loaded in at a time is kept fairly low (but still looks good) and I am wondering if its actual physical objects that lead to games breaking.

    I can only imagine how much time and hair pulling this took to do, let alone for it to work consistantly.

    Really impressive map, especially from a scripting perspective.
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  3. Julianoz1224

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    You have no idea, I began working on this map back in March of 2017. Things would break all the time with as little as 200 scripts, so I would give up on it for months at a time before returning to try again.

    I never experienced any kind of issues with players joining mid game, but I didn't test that often. I've since blocked people spawning in after the first wave begins as there was not enough budget to keep the scripts changing the difficulty dynamically as people left and joined. This might be why I haven't encountered problems with it. What kind of issues did you experience?

    I had SO MANY scripts being ignored and stuff not happening way back when the budget was 1/5th of what it is now. I gave up for a few months thinking none of it would be possible.
    For example, back when the only thing I had made was the round system and mantises, the waves would almost never end properly. Sometimes the windows wouldn't close, sometimes the ready up button wouldn't come back, other times the round would say it ended but actually just get stuck and never continue to the intermission.

    I ended up avoiding message scripts as much as I could, substituting them for just checking global numbers that changed. If you have issues with scripts being ignored, I'd recommend trying to fit in the same action into a script somewhere else that has the same condition to really enforce it to happen. I had to do this in a few places with this map.

    Another thing that really helped (thank you Tom French for giving me this tip) was to avoid too many actions/scripts activating at the same time. Try to time everything to happen just a little bit apart from each other, as this will really help the game from missing anything.

    I personally never really experienced the object count affecting the performance and stability, it was always scripting related for me.

    Thank you so much! Yeah, nearly 2 years of hair pulling and misery as this map made it it's one purpose to crush my hopes of it ever working correctly. Somehow though, I've managed to beat it into submission after all this time. So don't give up on anything you're working on! Let this map be an example that it's possible to get your creations working eventually :)
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    holy **** thanks for replying, im just trying to confirm that im not the only one dealing with overloading scripts, the first thing I said to myself opening the map was “how the hell does this not break”, and I just had to know what type of scripts you used to prevent such nonsense.

    A whole year and then some of Halo 5 scripting, at least it paid off!
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    Hahaha no problem! And don't worry, you're definitely not the only one :D
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    Julian Truby updated Night of The Mantis 2 - A Cold Reunion with a new update entry:

    Join in Progress and live difficulty changing

    Read the rest of this update entry...

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    Wow, this is absurdly fantastic! How did I miss the first version of this game mode? Would love to play this, thanks for uploading the videos. Do players control the Mantis or are those completely AI driven?
  8. Julianoz1224

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    Thank you! That means a lot.
    Nobody controls the Mantises, it's entirely a co-op survival :)
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    I loved the first one, this looks great, going to play it by myself right now
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