New Valentina

8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. Legit 1m Vegan
    This map is predominantly a clan raid map for use in customs browser. Essentially clans of 2+ attempt to defend the base with power weapons while hordes of enemies attempt to storm it and gain control themselves. Once the base has been taken, all three doors can be closed. The front main door can be opened by enemies by the switch on the bridge however be mindful of snipers as it is in an open area.

    This map was inspired by many different other maps in Halo including: New Alexandria and Countdown from Halo Reach and Last Exit and Rally Point from Halo ODST. I wanted to create a fun beautiful map and hopefully I have done so. Unlike most of the raid maps you see in the customs browser, this one is actually quite balanced and it is difficult to maintain control of the base for long unless your team is in perfect communication.

    Due to time constraints (College starts again this week) I wasn't able to make the map compatible for any other gametypes but if you think something works, let me know and I'll find the time to tweak it.

    Have fun :)


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