Neverland 2020

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. SinixSlays
    Neverland 2020 is an asymmetric close-quarters map, best suited for 2-8 players. This map supports Slayer, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and Oddball.

    The Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher spawns every 180 seconds; the Active Camo and Mauler spawns every 120 seconds; the BR's & Carbines spawn every 60 seconds; and all grenades spawn every 30 seconds.

    The spawns can be unforgiving, similar to other foundry maps - so it's best to get the high ground early, and precisely time your power weapons. The Active Camo can ultimately make or break a team, if used correctly to take out enemies with power weapons.

    This is a high-paced, action-packed, run-and-gun kind of map. Hope you guys enjoy it! :)

    - How To Install The Map File -

    1. Download the map file via the "download map" button.
    2. Search for " %appdata% " on your computer from the start menu, and click into the first result.
    3. It should bring you to a folder called "Roaming"
    4. Click back one level into the "AppData" folder.
    5. Go into: LocalLow > MCC > Local Files > [Folder with a bunch of numbers/letters] > Halo 3 > Map.
    6. Once in the "Map" folder, copy over the map file you downloaded and then re-launch the game.

    Here's a short YouTube video for help (start @ 2:48):
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