Neue Cleos

2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. TekTek
    Hey everyone!

    I recently got into Halo 5 forge tool, was more use to Halo 3 and Reach's one. And this map is the result of that first attempt!

    I started this map around 2 mains ideas that served as guidelines throughout the early stages of building :
    • Is it possible to play around triangular symmetry compared to halo's classical square type of symmetrical maps?
    • I like Doom's Eternal flow and feel in arenas, so let's do something Doom inspired

    This lead to 2 early decisions : 3 pathway converting the the center of the map, and an old temple theme with quick movement built into it.

    As I didn't know Halo 5 that much, I went for a core gameplay map (and got very disapointed about the lacking King of the Hill), with a focus around Flag and Oddball because those gametypes complement eachothers when designing a map : you got attack/defense with bases to take in account, and a mobile control item that players would both move around and stick in a safe place.
    After many iteration and tests, I reworked a lot of the arena. Reducing sightlines, reenforcing mid and smoothing circular paths. there used to be teleporters in each lower bases, but they ended up being too disorienting for players and were not interesting for combat.

    Last touch was to add some big visual elements so players understand where they spawn and where to go, these includes asymetrical scenery, colored lights and colored bits on walls.

    Now the map plays in a flow I do like :
    Every base is strong enough for players to rest up and reload, but not powerful enough to camp in there. Ledges are higher up and provide good sightlines coverage but are very easy to overcome from bases. And mid is more fortified than it looks, helping players moving around the map without too much trouble, with a shield spawning later in the game, and a Halo 2's beam rifle in lowermid that is the power weapon of the map.
    The map include some cool jumps respecting Halo 5's faster paced flow, and just like a Doom map, a toy is hidden somewhere you think might not be accessible!


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