2v2 Capture the Flag

Map Description

    A symmetrical forerunner map set inside a rocky cavern. Originally designed for a CTF version of Extermination, a new mode developed by ATN community members, Duke of Mearl and Max Extra. The objective variant of the Extermination game type was experiencing errors so it was dropped.

    The map is currently set up for Extermination, Slayer, CTF and supports 4 - 8 players. I wanted the visual theme and the core design to go hand in hand. The natural terrain is interwoven with the structural geometry in a way that makes the two organically co-exist.

    Huge thanks to Bacon Media for producing the video!

Recent Reviews

    Nice Design & Layout
  2. Played this map with 5 other people 3v3 BR Slayer, had an absolute blast. Map had great sight lines, good dynamic plays. Only issues we found were that the map should be played without radar (plays better), and that the lifts were almost useless as the user would generally die before reaching the other side (maybe the arch height is too high?). Still a great map, all of us downloaded the map after the game and played it a second time because we enjoyed it so much.


  1. Arpod

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    This is an amazing map. I already bookmarked it. Your usage of the emissive blocks was impressive. Well done!
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    I love me some of those simple classic Halo visuals. I'm not a huge symmetrical map fan but this was still a pleasant map to have a wander around. If that lower bridge was about a mile long, it could comfortably sit in any of the old Halo's.

    I won't be able to give any quality feedback because I'll never get a chance to see how this plays since I can't even get a game on my own maps. If I was to give any completely subjective feedback it would be that I don't feel you need the little bugs floating around in there. I always felt that in most instances they were kind of gimmicky. Also I just hate the sound of them. I know you probably wanted something shiny in there but I don't think it's necessary.

    The other thing is the color of the light beam on the upper bridge. It's creamy color blends too much with the base color for me. If it's power, it doesn't convey that very well, and if it's light, it's kinda bland. I can understand why you may want to keep it subtle but have you tried layering in a second light beam? Blue being the most obvious choice, creates a much truer white light with a subtle blue edge that makes it feel more powerful. I also thought the less common green was a subtle nod to overcharge pickup. Oh, and one side of the beam is currently bleeding light through the floor.

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  3. Sikamikanico

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    This looks sexy. Bookmarked! :)
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  4. a Chunk

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    Nemesis plays very well for both extermination and 2v2. The base's and center have enough vertical encounters to keep players moving and fighting in interesting angles.

    Some changes I suggest is the removal of the explosive barrels on the map, they aren't really need in the places that they are, considering how fast that you can push the positions on the map. Also I'd removed the turrets.. All they do is lower the positional plays in my opinion. Another change would be to lower beam rifle and LR ammo, makes the pistol pointless with these amounts.

    Besides that it plays quite well, no layout issues I could see. Great work!

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    I remade this map in Unreal Engine 4 for Project Contingency. A fan made Halo game on PC. Here are some screenshots taken from the latest blogpost. The map is still a work in progress, art is not final, still in blockout.

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