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  1. Nobodhi
    This engineering and potentially historical marvel was discovered on an uninhabited moon in the outskirts of the old Covenant colonies. The entire facility is a bastardization of highly advanced Covenant technology and 18th Century human resources.

    Experts are divided in theories explaining the abundance of anomalies surrounding the mysterious facility. Human archeologists claim parts of this archaic tech predate even the first contact. Despite seemingly being hundreds of years old and completely abandoned, the Z drive's radiation suggests the lab was active up to just nanoseconds before discovery. Elite engineers insist no human could have developed such a complex operating system, but the controls are optimized for a bipedal humanoid approximately 1.7 meters in height. The Grunt ambassador proposed it was made by an impossibly tall Grunt and thus the land should be made into a theme park so that Grunts everywhere may slide down the shiny brass poles.

    Supports 4v4 Slayer and Strongholds. Huge thanks to Architekz for helping since way back when this map was completely unplayable. Also thanks to Mad Extra's testing lobby and everyone that participates.
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